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How do I participate in surveys?

We can invite you to surveys once you have activated your email-address and completed the profile questionnaire. You will receive an email once a new survey becomes available for you. While logged in you can also see a list of your surveys on the "Surveys" page.

Does the membership cost me anything?

No, the membership is completely voluntary and free. There are no hidden fees. On the contrary, our members receive money from us as a reward for participating in surveys.

How much money do I get per survey?

The reward for completing a survey successfully can vary depending on duration and complexity of the survey. You can receive anything between 500 to 10,000 points depending on the survey. Once you have collected at least 20,000 points (which corresponds to 20 Euros) you can request a payout.

How do I receive my money?

We usually use PayPal in order to send money to out members. This means you need a PayPal account in order to request a payout.

For countries such as South Africa where the use of PayPal is limited or restricted, we allow you to request a payout directly to your bank account.

In case you have requested a payout to PayPal without having created an account with PayPal first, the transfered funds will be reserved and waiting for you for a number of days until you register a new PayPal account with the email-address you gave us.

You can request a payout from the "Surveys" page once you have collected at least 20,000 points (which corresponds to 20 Euros).