Ways to earn points

Participating in surveys is the primary way to earn points at myiyo. The number of offered surveys can vary depending on your country and your profile. The amount of points you can earn for a survey is also different for each survey. Some members reach the minimum payout amount of 20 Euro every few months, while others take much longer.

If you have a lot of friends, or in case you run your own website, you can also earn points by getting your friends to sign up with myiyo. More about this…

Other than that you can easily earn 100 points for activating your email address and another 500 points for completing your profile questionnaire.

Some surveys, you have already participated in, will let you recommend the survey to your friends, so they can also fill out the survey. You’ll be able to list the email addresses of a few of your friends in a form and we will then send your friends emails with a link to the survey. For each of your friends that successfully participates in the survey through such an invitation, you will earn half the regular amount of points. However if you recommend a survey to somebody who is already a member, you will not receive any reward for the invitation. Instead your friend will just receive the full amount of points for himself.