How surveys work, subjects, durations, rewards

The duration of our surveys can vary. Some take just a few minutes while others may take half an hour to complete. The overall average is around 20 minutes.

The subjects of our surveys are just as varied. There are surveys about products and services of all possible types. It can be about government, politics, leisure, sports, cars, travel and so on.

As a reward for successfully participating in a survey you will collect points which you can exchange for money later on. The amount of points you can gain for a survey depends on the subject matter and the expected duration of the survey.

The invitation to a survey will give you the expected duration of the survey as well as the potential points you can earn.

After finishing the interview you will be redirected back to myiyo and we will automatically receive the tentative status of your interview. Afterwards it may take a few weeks until your interview is confirmed by our client and your points are finally added to your points balance.