Survey says I’ve already participated

Surveys use a number of technical means in order to prevent the same people from participating in the survey more than once. The security systems will compare your IP-address with that of other participants, check your cookies and possibly even generate a digital fingerprint of your browser.

Unfortunately all of these methods of identification are not perfect. A security system may decide you have already participated in the survey even though that’s not really true.

In case you also participate in surveys through other websites, it’s possible you may be trying to enter a survey that you’ve previously participated in through a different website. An overlap may also happen if there are multiple persons in your household that participate in surveys.

Some internet providers as well as browsers assign the same IP-address to thousands of their customers. If one of them happens to participate in the survey, everybody else with the same IP will be blocked.

We know these issues can be very frustrating for our members. Unfortunately we have to respect our customers’ wishes, who prefer to rather reject a couple more participants rather than risk the integrity of the entire survey.