Frequent Questions

What is a shared IP address?

Some members are unable to participate in surveys, due to a shared IP address. An IP address is allocated to every computer that has access to the Internet. This address is issued by your internet provider.

To have a shared IP address does not mean that someone has access to your computer. A single IP address is usually shared only within a local home network or a company network for all connected computers. However depending on the type of your internet connection it is entirely possible for you to share the same IP address with users whom you do not know. This is purely coincidental and most likely not in your control.

Here is an explanation of how this works:

Dynamic IP addresses are temporary and are assigned each time a computer connects to the Internet. They are, in effect, borrowed from a pool of IP addresses that can be shared among many computers. Since a limited number of static IP addresses are available, many ISPs assign individual IP addresses to multiple subscribers at the same time. This lowers costs and allows them to service far more subscribers than they otherwise could.


How do I determine where my posts are being shown and who can see them?

As a member of myiyo you have a personal shoutbox where you can post text, videos, photos or mini-votes. Your personal privacy settings determine who can see the shouts posted in your shoutbox. By default only your friends have access to your shoutbox. You can change this in your profile-settings however.

If you make your shoutbox public then everybody can see your posts. Additionally posts made inside a public shoutbox also appear in the public shoutbox where public shouts from all members are gathered. Even if your personal shoutbox is private you can still directly post something in the public shoutbox so everybody can see it there. A separate public shoutbox is kept for each website language.

The community page shows posts from your friends and yourself. If you post something there it's the same as if you were to post something in your personal shoutbox. This means if your shoutbox is public, your post will appear in the public shoutbox as well. If your shoutbox is only visible to your friends, then only your friends will be able to see it on their own community pages and in your personal shoutbox. In case your shoutbox is private you will be the only one able to see your post.

Why am I not getting any survey invitations?

In order to make sure that you can receive invitations to surveys you should make sure your email address is confirmed and your profile-questionnaire is filled out. If you still aren’t getting any invitations it’s possible you belong to a demographic group that is only rarely requested for surveys. Another possible reason can be that you live in a country that we don’t conduct any surveys in or only very few. Most of the surveys we conduct are for members in Germany, UK, South Africa, France, Italy and Spain. We are still growing our user base in Russia, Poland, Turkey as well as the Latin American countries, which is why there are only few surveys for those countries.

How can I delete my account?

You can find the "Delete Account" button in your Profile-Settings (in the top-right corner). You have to be logged in first in order to access the deletion form. Once you fill out and submit the form, your user account will be deleted from the website permanently.

What do the member titles "Novice", "Experienced", "Pro", "Veteran" and so on mean?

Each member is automatically assigned a title based on the member's experience on the website in order to give other members an indication about how experienced the member is. The title doesn't serve any other functions aside from informing other members. The exact rules which determine which title is given to a member are kept secret in order not to motivate anybody to perform certain activities solely to improve the title.

What does it mean when it says "the money transfer has been initiated"?

There are a few possible reasons why the payout may have been initiated, and you still have not received the money through PayPal.

It's possible you have to manually accept the payment in PayPal in order to receive the money.

It's possible you gave a different email address for the payout that your PayPal account is registered with. In this case you can create a new account on PayPal with the new email address and receive the money. You can also add the new email address to your existing PayPal account in order to receive the payment.

It's possible you misspelled your email address in the payout request. In this case it's possible somebody else has received your money or that the payment will be automatically returned after a few weeks by PayPal. Once the money has been refunded or in general when the payment fails, the paid out points will be returned to you, so you can request a new payout.

What can lead to my account being excluded from surveys?

Please make sure to carefully read all questions in a survey and not speed through. Inconsistent or implausible answers can raise concerns regarding the quality of your answers and lead to your interview being rejected.

Too frequent bad interviews will lead to an automatic exclusion from surveys. This means you can still log in and access most of the website, however you wont receive invites to surveys. In most cases this suspension will be lifted after one month. In more severe cases the suspension can also be permanent.

What can lead to the suspension of my account?

The following offences can lead to the termination of a user account:
Use of filthy language
Statements with expletives
Abusive language
Discriminatory remarks
Posting or sending Spam messages
Fraudulent behavior, e.g. hacking or attempts to circumvent our security systems
Data manipulation or misrepresentation
The use of multiple user accounts

Is my participation in surveys anonymous?

Your responses to our surveys will always be compiled with the responses of other participants. Your identity is never disclosed to the client of the study. We provide only anonymous data and never disclose personal information such as your name or email address.

How do I receive my money?

We usually use PayPal in order to send money to out members. This means you need a PayPal account in order to request a payout.

For countries such as South Africa where the use of PayPal is limited or restricted, we allow you to request a payout directly to your bank account.

In case you have requested a payout to PayPal without having created an account with PayPal first, the transfered funds will be reserved and waiting for you for a number of days until you register a new PayPal account with the email address you gave us.

You can request a payout from the "Surveys" page once you have collected at least 20,000 points (which corresponds to 20 Euros).

How much money do I get per survey?

The reward for completing a survey successfully can vary depending on duration and complexity of the survey. You can receive anything between 500 to 10,000 points depending on the survey. Once you have collected at least 20,000 points (which corresponds to 20 Euros) you can request a payout.

Why do I need 20,000 points in order to request a payout?

The monetary and administrative costs incurred for each money transfer make it unfeasible for us to process payment requests for small amounts. This is why we require each payout request to be at least for 20,000 points, which corresponds to 20 Euros.

Where can I see how many points I have?

The number of points you have collected is displayed on your "Surveys" page. It will also show you how much money the points are worth when paid out.

Why am I told, I have already participated in a survey?

There may be multiple explanations why a survey may think you have already participated even if you are sure you have not.
It is possible somebody else participated using the same computer.
Maybe you are sharing an internet connection with other people (for instance within a company network or an internet cafe).

How much money are my points worth?

1,000 points on myiyo are worth 1 Euro. The value in your local currency depends on the current exchange rate between the Euro and your currency.

Why didn't I receive any reward for a participation in a survey?

You will only receive points for a survey if you successfully complete it.
You may be screened out of a survey before being able to complete it in case you are not in the relevant target group for the survey or if there are already enough interviews with similar participants, based on various criteria such as age or gender.
Speeding through a survey and giving inconsistent or implausible answers could lead to the rejection of your interview either right away or at a later time.

How long does it take until a reward is confirmed?

After you have successfully completed a survey it may take up to 40 days until your interview is verified and the points are added to your balance.

Can I participate in surveys without an invitation?

No, you can only participate in surveys you have been explicitly invited to. This is necessary for us in order to be able to steer the number of participants as well as target specific groups of respondents. Keeping your profile information up to date and complete is the best you can do in order to make sure we can invite you to surveys.

How do I invite friends to sign up as well?

There is a small invitation form on the "Find Friends" page you can reach from the "Community" popup-menu. You can use it to send a simple email-invitation to a single friend.

You can also give your friends your personal referral-link, which you can find on your "Surveys" page.

You will receive 500 points as a reward for each new member once they complete their first survey successfully.

How do I participate in surveys?

We can invite you to surveys once you have activated your email address and completed the profile questionnaire. You will receive an email once a new survey becomes available for you. While logged in you can also see a list of your surveys on the "Surveys" page.

Does the membership cost me anything?

No, the membership is completely voluntary and free. There are no hidden fees. On the contrary, our members receive money from us as a reward for participating in surveys.

How do I change my email address?

Select "Profile Settings" from the popup-menu under "Profile". Then switch to the "Email / Password" tab where you can change your email address. Don't forget to activate the new email address once you have changed it.

Are there any costs for me when requesting a payout?

No, you do not have to pay anything for the transfer of the funds. All transaction costs are carried by us.

How long does it take for a payout to complete?

Payout requests are processed at the end of the current month or beginning of the following month.
Please note that your payment may be delayed due to technical reasons, as there are many manual steps required in processing and transferring each payment.

What is the duration of my membership?

Your duration of your membership is not limited. You can quit your membership anytime you wish to do so. There are absolutely no obligations on your behalf. You decide if and when you participate in surveys and you can terminate your account any time.

How many member-accounts can I have?

Membership is limited to one user account per person in order to make sure a single person does not participate multiple times in the same survey. Using multiple accounts can be viewed as fraudulent behavior. As such we maintain the right to terminate user accounts and withhold rewards in such cases.

What are the surveys about?

We conduct a variety of different surveys on a large selection of topics. Our surveys can focus on specific products and services, but can also address government, politics, recreational activities, sports, cars, holidays and so on.

How long are the surveys?

On average surveys consists of around 20 questions and take around 12 minutes to complete. Surveys with durations of a few minutes or 20 minutes are not uncommon. In some cases it is possible to continue a survey where you left off in case your interview was interrupted.

What is the purpose of the surveys?

We conduct surveys for many national and international companies, organizations and governments. The results frequently provide the basis for important decisions. By participating in our surveys you contribute to the development of new products and services and you make sure the developments are tailored to meet your own individual needs and requirements.

What is my personal information used for?

Participants are usually selected for a survey based on specific attributes like age or profession.
Having more information about our members, allows us to select participants for specific surveys more accurately. This means we can also reduce the chances of inviting you to a survey only to be screened out.